Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so taking on a full kitchen remodel is a big decision. Not only will a kitchen remodel create some inconveniences for you and your family, but it is also a fairly large financial commitment. But in the end, your new and improved kitchen will be worth the cost and slight inconvenience. 

It is important to fully plan out your kitchen remodel, either on your own or with the help of a design specialist before you begin the task of tearing out your existing kitchen. Like any renovation project, there are aspects that you will want to avoid with your kitchen remodel because it is always easier to plan ahead and review again than it is to realize something isn’t working as intended after the project is completed.

Below we will walk you through some of the key things you should avoid when remodeling your kitchen. 

  • Not Prioritizing Storage

Not planning for adequate storage is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make while renovating their kitchen. Your new kitchen design may call for a minimalist aesthetic, this look comes only by sacrificing sufficient storage space and ultimately functionality. Reduced storage space can make for storing bulkier pots, pans and small appliances difficult and can even affect your meal prep capabilities. 

By incorporating sufficient cabinets, drawer dividers, pantry pull-outs, floating shelves, Lazy Susan, and other space saving add-ons, you will help to increase the efficiency of your new kitchen. 

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  • Inadequate lighting

Your kitchen needs to have sufficient lighting in order to be functional, no one wants to be using a sharp knife in the dark. If you are looking to be able to control the lighting in your kitchen in order to change the ambiance, incorporate different types of lighting operated by different switches. Consider main lighting such as recessed lights or larger fixtures to provide full lighting for day to day usage. Task lighting such as cabinet undermounted lighting that is strategically placed to help you perform specific tasks and pendant lights that can offer beautiful aesthetics, and provide enough light while setting a more intimate ambiance. 

  • Not Hiring a Professional Kitchen Renovation Company

While it may be tempting to hire a jack of all trades, a local handyman or even attempt to take on your own renovation project to save some of the cost. We highly recommend against it. A licensed, professional kitchen renovation company has the experience and the knowhow to deal with any unexpected surprises, as well as the resources to help design and layout your dream kitchen. 

If you are confident in your DIY skills, taking on the demolition and disposal of your old kitchen may still be an option, but just remember that completing the kitchen remodel yourself may void some of the material warranties, as many manufactures stipulate the warranty is only valid if installed by a professional contractor.

  • Not Sticking to Your Budget 

A full kitchen remodel is not cheap and it is easy to blow your budget up by continuously upgrading materials and adding to your design. Your budget can also quickly spiral out of control when unforeseen problems arise. In these cases it is easy for the homeowners to end up overspending on kitchen remodel, and that can lead to some financial issues that may even force the project be paused before the kitchen is in usable condition.

Setting a realistic budget and allocating resources carefully is important for a successful remodel. It is always a good idea to continuously check in on the budget to ensure your project is still on track. For an added safety net, set aside around 10% of your total budget to deal with unexpected issues or potential upgrades that you may want to add in. 

  • Adding to Much into Your Design

With any remodeling project, it is easy to try and stuff too many wants into the design. We suggest against this, as it is not a good idea to incorporate every design idea you into your remodel, this can and will lead to your space feeling crowded and smaller than it is. 

At KBC Solutions we understand that a dream kitchen varies from one individual to the next. Our team will work with you to plan out and design your kitchen renovation, and help make your dream kitchen a reality. Call us today at 647-258-4170 to book your no-obligation consultation.