If we are being honest, bathrooms are the last part of the house we think about when it comes to renovation, except if there are major damages. Nevertheless, bathroom renovations can be exciting and extremely fulfilling when executed properly.

As with all home renovations, in order to achieve the right results, there are certain things that you should consider carefully when you decide to renovate your bathroom.

Here are five things that will help you make the right decisions for your bathroom renovation.

1. Budget

The first step for any project is the budget and there is no difference when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Decide on a budget that will allow you to get the best quality for installation and manual labour without breaking the bank. Your budget will then help you streamline spending to only the essential needs with a little wiggle room for unexpected expenses.

2. Size of New Fixtures

Your bathroom may seem bigger than it really is so when you are shopping for bathtubs, showers and sinks, you may want to take new measurements to make sure the size of the new fixtures will fit. Be sure of the size of what you are installing and the space available for it before concluding on any purchase to avoid a waste of money and time.

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3. Old vs. New Theme

Your bathroom theme is very important because the bathroom is the place where most thought processes and relaxation take place. You may really like the old theme you have going and see something in an interior décor store that catches your eye but would disturb your current theme. This is typically when you start debating old vs. new. The solution is simple, you can either do a completely new theme, after all, it’s a renovation, or you can find the perfect blend between the new fixtures and the old theme that would create an excellent blend in your bathroom.

4. Bathroom Usage

The frequency of your bathroom use and the number of users is another thing to consider while making choices for your bathroom renovation. If it’s for only one or two people, you can splurge on a fancy bath and shower combo since there is no need for a lot of room. However, if more than two people use the bathroom, you may want to use a shower as space won’t be very personal.

5. Maintenance

The dedication to maintaining your bathroom in terms of cleaning and use can be a deciding factor when it comes to renovation. If you, or other occupants, have terrible maintenance habits, it is best to go for regular fixtures that don’t require extra maintenance.

Your bathroom renovation can be literal perfection if you take the necessary things into consideration to avoid wasting your resources.