When it comes to home remodelling, one of the options that come to homeowners’ minds is kitchen renovation. In addition to improving the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen, kitchen renovation also increases the value of the building. Given the above, renovating your kitchen is considered a worthwhile investment that yields a higher ROI.

If you are considering kitchen renovation as your preferred home remodelling option, here is the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist to let you know what to prioritise and what tasks are involved in family remodelling:

1. Upgrading Older Appliances

Leaving older appliances in your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look outdated, but will also prevent your kitchen from being as energy efficient as modern appliances. The remodelling will not have much impact if the kitchen is full of outdated appliances.

To determine the appliances that need replacement, consider their age, performance and energy consumption. Replacing them with modern appliances will benefit your kitchen tremendously with lower maintenance costs and utility bills.

2. Improving Air Quality

The air quality in the kitchen unavoidably worsens when cooking due to fumes, smoke and steam, generated by the food and heat. As a result, it will be a good idea to include improving the air quality in the kitchen renovation checklist. Installing a high-quality hood to remove fumes, steam and smoke from the kitchen’s air is crucial to improving the air quality For instance, you can consider installing a convertible ductless range hood.

3. Increasing Storage Cabinets

One of the best ways to make the kitchen clutter-free is by adding adequate storage cabinets. It is common for most homeowners to run out of cabinet space for your utensils, glasses and cookware, so adding storage cabinets on the priority list for the kitchen is a nice idea. You may add more cabinets, drawers, shelving, and pantry spaces. If you run out of floor space, wall shelves for glasses and other items is something you may want to consider. There are diverse ways to create more storage space and make the kitchen suitable for you.

4. Reorganising Counter Space

Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen. Given this, you should itemise what you need to change during the kitchen renovation. Items, such as coffee pots, toaster ovens, blenders, and other appliances can take up the counter space faster than you can imagine. To minimise the problem, replace bulky appliances with slimmer ones or store the products in your cabinets to create more counter space you can work on without compromising cooking quality. There will be more space when you start replacing bulky appliances.


The above are the kitchen renovation items that should make the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist when you are thinking about renovating your kitchen.