Custom Closets

We are all about designing and installing professional custom closets in Burlington – as well as quality storage solutions and built-in closets in homes, offices and garages – so you can keep everything organized and easy to find.

Walk-in Closet Systems

Stop choosing clothes from a pile of folded laundry or a packed-to-the limit dresser inside an overflowing closet


Walk-in Closet Systems

Stop choosing clothes from a pile of folded laundry or a packed-to-the limit dresser inside an overflowing closet


Home Office Solutions

It's easy for papers to stack up in your home office until they're taking over every surface and available floor space.


It's Time to Organize!

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Custom Storage Solutions

Storage solutions aren’t just for closets, garages or offices. KBC Solutions can create custom closets in Burlington for every room in the house:

Entertainment Centre

DVD players. Video game consoles. PVR boxes. Dozens of remotes and miles of cables to connect them all. If your entertainment storage solution is more frustrating than functional, it’s time to get organized.


Mud Room

We can fix mudroom storage issues with custom storage solutions designed for your family’s specific needs – and the items that go along with them.


Laundry Room

Doing laundry is not fun. We can't help with the laundry, but we can make sure your experience in the laundry room is luxurious, pleasant, organized and efficient!


Mini Bar

Invite friends and family over for a party! Entertain your guests with a mini bar or servery to prepare cocktails and to store away glassware and bottles.



Luxurious walk-in pantry closet organizers add a touch of style so you can use your kitchen for its primary purposes: cooking, eating and connecting.


Murphy Bed

Looking to maximize space in a small bedroom or apartment? Murphy bed solutions or desk beds can be a functional storage solution during the day and a cozy bed at night.


We also do Kitchens

KBC Solutions is your kitchen renovations company trusted in Burlington and surrounding areas! We will manage your kitchen project from start to finish giving you the dream kitchen you deserve!

KBC Solutions

We also do Bathrooms

Whether you are looking for a full bathroom remodel or just a new shower or tub, we are your trusted bathroom renovations company in Burlington and surrounding areas!


Closet FAQs

We at KBC Solutions have compiled following FAQs for your convenience.

Yes, we specialize in beautifully designed custom walk-in closets that are organized and gorgeous as well as custom floor-to-ceiling reach-in closet designs that ensure all space is maximized.

Each custom closet design is priced based on the space, materials chosen and complexity of the project. Each custom closet project will be developed to fit within your budget, we are confident that we can provide the best design to fit within your budget.

Absolutely not, if you have ideas of how you would like your closet to flow or what type of storage requirements you need, we will be happy to accommodate. If you do not have any ideas, that is fine as well, as  one of our design team members will help plan out and design your custom closets based on your requirements.

Yes, we have thoughtfully designed closets for children that incorporate adjustable shelves and cubbies as well as easy-to-reach coat hooks.

Typically, the installation of a custom closet can be completed within 1-2 days, but may take longer depending on the size and complexity of the project. Once your project is planned out, our team will provide a detailed timeline.

Our custom closets can be designed to meet your every need, from built-in pull-out hampers and larger drawers for oversized items to be stored away to dedicated shoe racks and pull-out drawers for items like ties and jewelry, let us know about your unique storage needs and we will provide a solution.

Before we begin your custom closet installation, a KBC Solutions team member will provide you with detailed instruction based on your project. The preparation will depend on the scope of your project, but in most cases,  you will only need to clear out your closet and ensure the area is clear for our crew to work.

Yes, we will remove any existing organization units in your closet. We can discard the old units for you as well, as long as they are primarily wood related materials. 

KBC stands for Kitchen, Baths, Closets, we can assist with your kitchen and bathroom renovations and remodels as well as your home organization. Not only do we provide custom closet solutions we are experts at home office design and organization as well.

We can assist with organizing your home office in many different ways, from custom designed shelving and cabinets to full home office design and remodel. Our design team will ensure that there is a place for everything and everything has its place in your home office while ensuring that your office feels like a natural extension of your home.

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