What are the latest kitchen trends for home renovations?

What are the latest kitchen trends for home renovations?

There are several new home improvement trends for kitchen renovations. While regular choices like white cabinets are still preferred, there are a number of new trends you could update your home with. It is best to remember that no kitchen style goes out of style. There is always something classic about past trends, but adding some new design trends to it will give it the new aesthetic you have been craving for. 

Now that there is a more conscious attempt towards choosing sustainable living, you might as well look for more eco-friendly items and sustainable ways to redesign your kitchen. While there are multiple trends, here are a few of them we hope you would love. 

Curves in Kitchen

Having a kitchen with curves creates a soft and organic feel that makes the space feel more welcoming and comfortable. It is one of the trending furniture designs in recent times. If you have children at home, a kitchen with curves adds more than just an aesthetic value but it also makes it safer for nearby children. Additionally, curves can be used to introduce a sense of playfulness and fun into the kitchen, which can make it feel less like a purely functional space and more like a place where people want to gather and socialize.

New Countertops

Changing and upgrading the kitchen countertop is one of the most trendy kitchen renovations you can install in your home. Countertops are one of the most visible elements of a kitchen, and they can be used to set the tone for the entire room. New countertops can be used to update the style of the kitchen, whether that be a modern or traditional look.   Sometimes people are even ready to go a little over their budget to get a new worthy countertop. 

Home renovation with natural wood materials

Wood cabinets are a trend toward a classic and classy outlook. Timbers and antique wood have caught the new generation's rhythm and are embraced happily. The wood look adds warmth and texture to the kitchen space, while also being a durable and versatile material. This trend of rustic or traditional aesthetics is something many homeowners desire. Furthermore, wood can be stained or painted to match any color scheme you could be going for.

Layered lighting

Lighting is an essential part of kitchen design. However, most of us overlook its importance. If you manage to get the lighting right, the rest of the design will fall easily into place. One trick and trend is layered lighting.

Clutter-free kitchen for a modern look

The kitchen is quite the space where almost everything and anything needs to find room. However, a simple kitchen with a number of required essentials is a dream for many. You can get an organized look by replacing the multiple shelves hanging on the walls with a single shelf and longer open space. 

Add style with contrasting colors

Colors for your kitchen could be a very tough decision. Some still opt for a classic white or metallic black look. However, the recent trend is to go with contrasts because they can add visual interest and depth to the space. Choosing colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel will give the little magic tone your kitchen needs. On the other hand, using contrasting colors can create a striking and dynamic look that can make a kitchen feel more exciting and bold.

Look what is back?!

The sink skirt fashion is back in style, and it is the right time and opportunity to master the design. Having pleated curtains underneath the sink is trending again, adding a more creative space for patterns and colors. Best part? You can upgrade or change these curtains at any point when you want a different look and feel.

Unique storage options

Many of the kitchen trends today divert back to one of the kitchen’s important features, storage space. Different storage solutions like bi-fold dressers are in recent trends. For example, a smaller kitchen may utilize a clever and smart storage plan. In result, the kitchen space will feel bigger than it actually is. Furthermore, there is a slow shift in the focus from a large space to smarter storage. 


Top 5 Must-have Kitchen Features (and Add Extra Style To It)

Top 5 Must-have Kitchen Features (and Add Extra Style To It)

Updating or upgrading the home has been a common to-do project in recent years for many homeowners. They may be considering updating the bathrooms, closet spaces or windows and doors. However one of the most popular upgrades homeowners go with is a kitchen renovation. The kitchen can be seen as a focal point in any home as it is the common area where everyone gathers. In turn upgrading the kitchen not only needs to account for functionality but it also needs to be appealing. Here are the top 5 kitchen features any kitchen renovation should include:

Ample storage space

Since kitchen cabinets make up the majority of what you see in your kitchen, your choice of cabinet color and design is an important one. However, the components within your cabinets are just as crucial, if not more so. The storage options you choose impact how useful your kitchen is. When you are in the midst of preparing a huge meal, you think less about the appearance of your cabinets and more about the simplicity with which you can get the necessary utensils, spices, pots, and other materials. To choose the best storage components for you, a kitchen renovation specialist will frequently take inventory of all the utensils, plates, small appliances, and pantry goods in your kitchen. Pullouts, rollouts, and swing-outs will help you arrange your items and make them simpler to discover and grasp.
Once the appropriate spacing and functionalities of your cabinets and drawers are optimized, you can start to consider how your cabinets will look. Cabinet refacing is a project that can completely change the look of your kitchen. It can involve changing the door profiles of your cabinets and depending on the material you choose, they can include a textured appearance that can contrast with your other kitchen features. Furthermore, the mullions and frames can also be customized to give your cabinets that added personality that can make them unique from any other kitchen. With different color combinations, frames, and profiles, you have free reign in finding that look and style that suits you.

Durable and appealing countertops

Counters are used for meal preparation and cleanup. Even for the most basic of meals, having an accessible counter area makes kitchen management easier. The more space you have, the cleaner and more organized your kitchen may be, as well as how easy it is to maintain cleanliness. Kitchen counters make it easy to keep track of ingredients and dishes when preparing large meals. Kitchen utensils and equipment are useless if you don't have a place to keep them. Counter space also frees up potential space on kitchen tables, allowing for additional guests and keeping all meal preparation in one location.

Countertops are ineffective if they are not durable or robust. Many kitchen accidents can have an impact on the appearance or functionality of your countertop. Surface distortion, warping, or cracking can result from burns and spills. If your counter is porous, germs and mold can grow and cause health problems. Counters that are simple to clean, resistant to stains and burns, and resistant to inadvertent chopping or knife damage will be long-lasting and practical additions to your home.

Along with the countertops durability and functionality, the aesthetic may also be important. The color of your kitchen countertop is usually one of the first things that people notice. The counter is one of those features that is always on show, and whether or not it complements the overall design of your kitchen it will be noticed. Countertops come in different materials and colors that can add style to your kitchen. The kitchen should be a friendly space where you like spending time. As a result, the general appearance of your counter is an important consideration.

Added function and aesthetic with an island

Perhaps no design feature in recent memory has had a greater impact on kitchen design than the island. It is difficult to ignore the value of a kitchen island. It provides more countertop space and storage, as well as a place for conversation, schoolwork, and meals. It can house a stove, a dishwasher, or a prep sink, and it frequently serves as the key contact point that completes an efficient work space for when your making any size meals. The kitchen island is a must-have kitchen feature for the added functionality that it bring to any kitchen. The only requirement to have one is you do need the appropriate amount of space. As mentioned in regards to countertops and storage space, your kitchen island can also be customized to match the look of your other kitchen features by customizing the counter and cabinets. An island that compliments or contrasts your kitchen's aesthetics can further complete your kitchen's overall look and feel.

Highlight kitchen features with appropriate lighting

Proper lighting is essential in every space of your home. This is especially true in the kitchen. When it comes to decorating your home, the importance of proper lighting in a kitchen should not be overlooked. In reality, careful thought should be given not only to the sort of lighting provided, but also to where it is positioned. The selection of kitchen lighting is critical for various reasons. To begin, it is critical to have a well-lit work environment that increases visibility and assures your safety while cooking. Counters and other surfaces should be well-lit so that food preparation is simple and efficient. If you have enough light in this area, you may be sure of the cleanliness of your kitchen. You will be able to see dirt and debris in the countertops, gaps, and crevices. Here are some of the options in regards to kitchen lights:

General lighting: This is the most extensive category for your kitchen and dining area. Pendant lights, chandeliers, and recessed lights are examples of general alternatives. They are typically hung over a kitchen island, dining room table, or in the center of the room as the focal point of your design. These focal pieces illuminate the entire space.

Accent lighting: Accent lights are ornamental items that are utilized for aesthetic appeal rather than brightness. They may make design statements or focal points. They can be mounted in cabinets, over shelves, or added to existing decorations and are also known as display lighting.

Under cabinet lighting: Lighting behind cabinets is becoming more popular among contractors and homeowners. This task lighting is ideal for activities that take place on counters. These enhancements can offer an appealing, aesthetic appearance while yet keeping a mild, beneficial light. When deciding on the type of task lighting to utilize, the individual design of the kitchen cabinets should be taken into account.

Complete the look with a backsplash

The significance of a backsplash varies depending on the homeowner. A backsplash is simply a countertop extension. It might be as close to the wall as a few inches or as far as the ceiling. The goal of any backsplash is to protect your walls from water, oil, and other debris, especially around stoves and sinks. Furthermore, backsplashes provide distinct colors and design patterns to adapt a kitchen to your personal style. Backsplashes can really complete the look and style of your kitchen. Some popular trends include neutral colors such as white and gray. However, natural features have been more popular in recent years, which means that blues, greens, and natural textures are making a comeback in kitchen design. A tiled backsplash is a good way to combine some of these trending colors and patterns without making your kitchen look too trendy. Full-height backsplashes that extend past the upper cabinets to the ceiling are another trendy style. This gives the entire room a completed, cohesive appearance. Increasing the height of your kitchen backsplash might make the entire area appear larger than it is.

The kitchen is a prime gathering space in most homes. Having a kitchen that combines functionality and style can make it easier to cook meals while also being a space that is appealing to be in. When renovating your kitchen, it is recommended to look at the storage space, your work area, and lighting. Combining these features with your own personal style, you could end with your dream kitchen area.

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

When it comes to home remodelling, one of the options that come to homeowners' minds is kitchen renovation. In addition to improving the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen, kitchen renovation also increases the value of the building. Given the above, renovating your kitchen is considered a worthwhile investment that yields a higher ROI.

If you are considering kitchen renovation as your preferred home remodelling option, here is the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist to let you know what to prioritise and what tasks are involved in family remodelling:

1. Upgrading Older Appliances

Leaving older appliances in your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look outdated, but will also prevent your kitchen from being as energy efficient as modern appliances. The remodelling will not have much impact if the kitchen is full of outdated appliances.

To determine the appliances that need replacement, consider their age, performance and energy consumption. Replacing them with modern appliances will benefit your kitchen tremendously with lower maintenance costs and utility bills.

2. Improving Air Quality

The air quality in the kitchen unavoidably worsens when cooking due to fumes, smoke and steam, generated by the food and heat. As a result, it will be a good idea to include improving the air quality in the kitchen renovation checklist. Installing a high-quality hood to remove fumes, steam and smoke from the kitchen's air is crucial to improving the air quality For instance, you can consider installing a convertible ductless range hood.

3. Increasing Storage Cabinets

One of the best ways to make the kitchen clutter-free is by adding adequate storage cabinets. It is common for most homeowners to run out of cabinet space for your utensils, glasses and cookware, so adding storage cabinets on the priority list for the kitchen is a nice idea. You may add more cabinets, drawers, shelving, and pantry spaces. If you run out of floor space, wall shelves for glasses and other items is something you may want to consider. There are diverse ways to create more storage space and make the kitchen suitable for you.

4. Reorganising Counter Space

Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen. Given this, you should itemise what you need to change during the kitchen renovation. Items, such as coffee pots, toaster ovens, blenders, and other appliances can take up the counter space faster than you can imagine. To minimise the problem, replace bulky appliances with slimmer ones or store the products in your cabinets to create more counter space you can work on without compromising cooking quality. There will be more space when you start replacing bulky appliances.


The above are the kitchen renovation items that should make the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist when you are thinking about renovating your kitchen.

5 Things You Should Know Before A Kitchen Renovation

5 Things You Should Know Before A Kitchen Renovation

When done properly, a kitchen renovation can add aesthetic appeal, value, and functionality to your home. However, a kitchen renovation project is not simple and does require proper planning and preparation before you begin. Before embarking on a kitchen renovation, there are some important things you need to consider.

Here, we will highlight 5 important items that can help you to get ready for your kitchen renovation.

1. A Proper Budget is Important

Kitchen renovations can vary in costs, from modest to uber expensive, it all depends on what is being completed and the types of finishes chosen. Installing new countertops, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, hardware and appliances can easily add up, and this is only the visible components of your kitchen, the electrical and plumbing systems may also require some updates. You don’t have to break the bank to make your kitchen look great, you just need to do everything according to your budget. As you start planning your kitchen renovation, keep your budget in mind.

2. Know what you want to change or retain

As you try to embark on the kitchen renovation, it is crucial to know what you want to change or keep as is in your kitchen. In general, keeping things like your cabinets and just having them painted will help save on the costs and the overall work needed. Consider what areas of your kitchen are not as  functional as you would like and what needs to be updated to correct the issue. Also, consider the design and style of your new kitchen, and what current items will fit in and what needs to be replaced.

3. Hire a pro kitchen renovation contractor

A full kitchen renovation is not just about changing out a few fixtures and updating the paint, even though these will help update your kitchen, chances are your renovation will be a bit more intricate than this and will likely involve altering the layout and replacing major components of your kitchen. As a result of this, it is not something we recommend you take on yourself. With a professional kitchen renovation company on your side, you can tap into their expertise when it comes to planning and executing your renovation.

4. Involve everyone in your home

Unless you live alone, it is a good idea to involve everyone in your home in the renovation. Make sure you get input from every member of your household before deciding how and when you want to renovate your kitchen.

With this, you can understand the needs, wants, and design styles of everyone that will be using the space. Although your kitchen renovation will not be able to accommodate everyone’s requests, you will have a good idea of the main needs and wants and adjust accordingly.

5. Plan how you will prepare your home for the renovation

During the time your kitchen is being renovated, you will not be able to use your kitchen. Given this, you need to prepare for this inconvenience. This may involve creating a temporary kitchen area where you can keep food items and prepare your meals or come up with some alternative solution.

It is definitely exciting to think about your new dream kitchen post renovations, but before you get to the finished product, there is potential for issues, delays, stress and new decisions to be made. Proper planning will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way during the renovation.

5 Steps To A New Kitchen Renovation

5 Steps To A New Kitchen Renovation

At first glance, it may seem pretty simple to set up a new kitchen layout. But, as you start planning for your kitchen renovation, you may come to realize that it is more difficult than it seems to ensure you have the perfect flow that blends beauty and functionality. A renovation is the best way to bring your personal touch to your kitchen, but it can seem pretty overwhelming when you first get started. To guide you along the renovation process and help you get the kitchen of your dreams, our team has put together five steps to a new kitchen renovation.

1. Create a plan for the layout

Visualizing all the key parts of your new kitchen is what helps you create a project plan that is feasible and sustainable. Do you want to have custom cabinets with secret drawers?Do you like the look and durability of granite countertops? All the details of your kitchen renovation must be ironed out in the layout to help you create an outcome that you will be satisfied with in the long-term.

2. Take measurements

The next thing you should do is take measurements for your new layout. If you are moving things around, creating space, or making any structural changes to your kitchen, you need to be sure of the measurements that those changes will require to be fully functional. If you are not comfortable taking the necessary measurements, you can hire a kitchen renovation contractor to do the consultation and measurements.

3. Make your selection of appliances

With your layout for the kitchen renovation set, you already have an idea of what appliances you will need for your kitchen, but with a wide range of options coming in at various price points, you should plan out what brands and styles you are interested in installing to bring your dream kitchen to life. Research to find the best options for your desired appliances.

4. Decide on a budget

When your layout and kitchen renovation plan is ready, you can use the details to draft an applicable budget. If you aren’t sure about the costs for certain installations and items, check online for the average market price and add that to your budget. The first budget doesn’t have to be exact, it just serves to help you know the range of your total expense for the kitchen renovation.

5. Hire the right professionals

When all is said and done, if you don’t have the right team working with you, it can throw a wrench into all your plans. Hire professional kitchen renovation specialists that have the experience to bring your vision to life.

From design to installation and maintenance, our experts at KBC Solutions have you covered on everything you need for a new kitchen renovation. With us on your side, your dream kitchen is about to become reality!

What should I include in my kitchen renovation?

What should I include in my kitchen renovation?

When it comes to home renovations, upgrading a kitchen is arguably one of the most common renovations home owners complete. This is probably because the kitchen is the hub of most homes, where friends and family gather, meals are made and enjoyed, and time is spent. So, if you are planning out a kitchen renovation of your own, we understand wanting to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams when the project is completed.

To help you plan out your kitchen renovations we have outlined some the key items to consider with your kitchen renovation project.

1. New Countertops

Installing new countertops alone has the ability to change to look and feel of your kitchen. Choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen renovation will affect your kitchen’s aesthetics as well as functionality. Countertops come in a wide variety of materials, such as granite, marble, Caesarstone, tiles, and wood butcher block. All of these materials have a different visual appeal, usage capabilities, pricing and durability. As a result, consider the pros and cons concerning your preference and choose the right countertop that will meet your design and usage needs.

2. New Appliances

Before your kitchen renovations gets underway, think about purchasing new appliances for your kitchen. This will help with ensuring the kitchen layout and space allotted works well. Your appliances can also be the focal point of your kitchen, so knowing exactly which appliances you will be utilizing allows for planning of hardware and colours. If your old appliances are still in good working condition, we still suggest looking at purchasing newer, energy efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption.

3. Custom Lighting

An important item to consider for your kitchen renovation, is custom light fixtures. New lighting fixtures will provide different lighting options as well as update your kitchen’s ambiance. Try utilizing different lighting features to help illuminate different areas of your kitchen. Having a combination of recessed lighting, pendent lighting and under cabinet LEDs are all very popular right now.

4. Flooring

Your kitchen is arguably one of the busiest areas of your home and the kitchen flooring undoubtedly takes significant wear and tear from all the foot traffic that passes through. As a result, installing new tiles in your kitchen will not only increase its appeal, but will add incremental value to your kitchen renovation. There are several flooring options available to ensure your design preferences and budget are both met.

5. Painting

Repainting is a must for any renovation project, but in a kitchen renovation, your selected colour can help make the space feel more welcoming and larger. A fresh coat of paint or two is not all that expensive but has a large impact on your project.

When planning out your kitchen renovation, make sure to consider your family’s needs and must haves. Also, try taking a step back and think about what bothers you about your current kitchen. Perhaps a pot filler above your stove would come in handy, or a complete layout transformation is needed to make the space more useful. You have the ability to fix any issues and get the kitchen of your dreams with your renovation project.

What To Expect When You Renovate Your Kitchen?

What To Expect When You Renovate Your Kitchen?

If you are planning your first ever kitchen renovation, you are probably wondering what to expect. The truth is even if this isn’t your first kitchen renovation, every renovation project is slightly different, and there will always be surprises along the way. But, you can reduce the potential for surprises by knowing what basics to expect. This will help you handle the impending challenges better and prepare to embrace the uncertainties ahead.

Below we discuss what to expect when taking on one of the most popular home renovation projects undertake: kitchen renovations.


Just like with any other renovation project, you can expect your kitchen renovations to be a quite noisy endeavour. From the initial removal of your existing kitchen right up to the finishing touches, you should expect it to be noisy. There will be banging hammers, revving saws, materials being dropped, doors opening and closing, contractors talking and much more potential day interrupting sounds coming from the renovation areas. If you work from home, are uncomfortable with loud noises or have young children, it is a good idea to plan to be away during the days or even find a friend or family member’s home to stay at during all or a portion of the renovation.


Even though there may be measures to contain the dust while kitchen renovations are in progress such as hanging drop sheets around the kitchen entry ways, dust will likely still accumulate in areas away from the construction site. Wall demolition, cabinets dismantling and tile removal will all create small particles which can get into air ducts and move around your home. Ensure you remove everything you can from the kitchen area prior to the commencement of the renovations so they don’t get damaged or covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt.

Delays and Unexpected Costs

Like every other project, kitchen renovations are hardly ever hitch-free. For one reason or the other, the unexpected will always happen. Delays occur, material may be delayed, contractors may encounter additional challenges and logistics may fall through. Preparing for the unforeseen during your kitchen renovation will put you in a better position to be patient and tolerant, especially when this issue could have been prevented. You don’t know, what you don’t know and this is always true during a renovation. Removing walls, floors, cabinetry, ceilings and so on can uncover an issue that wasn’t expected. This is why it is always suggested to have a reserve fund to help resolve any of these uncovered unexpected issues.


This really shouldn’t be a surprise, a renovation such as a full kitchen upgrade takes time, we are talking months in most cases. 30-minute renovation TV shows make it feel like a kitchen renovation is completed in days, well it’s not! Kitchen renovations take ample time, while it’s possible to repaint and replace kitchen hardware in hours or a day, a meaningful kitchen renovation project will take much longer.


Once your kitchen renovations are all done, it’s time to celebrate and show off your dream kitchen. You have probably gone through a rollercoaster of emotions since the start of your project, well it’s time to end the ride on a high note.

What Should You Not Do When Remodeling a Kitchen?

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so taking on a full kitchen remodel is a big decision. Not only will a kitchen remodel create some inconveniences for you and your family, but it is also a fairly large financial commitment. But in the end, your new and improved kitchen will be worth the cost and slight inconvenience. 

It is important to fully plan out your kitchen remodel, either on your own or with the help of a design specialist before you begin the task of tearing out your existing kitchen. Like any renovation project, there are aspects that you will want to avoid with your kitchen remodel because it is always easier to plan ahead and review again than it is to realize something isn’t working as intended after the project is completed.

Below we will walk you through some of the key things you should avoid when remodeling your kitchen. 

  • Not Prioritizing Storage

Not planning for adequate storage is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make while renovating their kitchen. Your new kitchen design may call for a minimalist aesthetic, this look comes only by sacrificing sufficient storage space and ultimately functionality. Reduced storage space can make for storing bulkier pots, pans and small appliances difficult and can even affect your meal prep capabilities. 

By incorporating sufficient cabinets, drawer dividers, pantry pull-outs, floating shelves, Lazy Susan, and other space saving add-ons, you will help to increase the efficiency of your new kitchen. 

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  • Inadequate lighting

Your kitchen needs to have sufficient lighting in order to be functional, no one wants to be using a sharp knife in the dark. If you are looking to be able to control the lighting in your kitchen in order to change the ambiance, incorporate different types of lighting operated by different switches. Consider main lighting such as recessed lights or larger fixtures to provide full lighting for day to day usage. Task lighting such as cabinet undermounted lighting that is strategically placed to help you perform specific tasks and pendant lights that can offer beautiful aesthetics, and provide enough light while setting a more intimate ambiance. 

  • Not Hiring a Professional Kitchen Renovation Company

While it may be tempting to hire a jack of all trades, a local handyman or even attempt to take on your own renovation project to save some of the cost. We highly recommend against it. A licensed, professional kitchen renovation company has the experience and the knowhow to deal with any unexpected surprises, as well as the resources to help design and layout your dream kitchen. 

If you are confident in your DIY skills, taking on the demolition and disposal of your old kitchen may still be an option, but just remember that completing the kitchen remodel yourself may void some of the material warranties, as many manufactures stipulate the warranty is only valid if installed by a professional contractor.

  • Not Sticking to Your Budget 

A full kitchen remodel is not cheap and it is easy to blow your budget up by continuously upgrading materials and adding to your design. Your budget can also quickly spiral out of control when unforeseen problems arise. In these cases it is easy for the homeowners to end up overspending on kitchen remodel, and that can lead to some financial issues that may even force the project be paused before the kitchen is in usable condition.

Setting a realistic budget and allocating resources carefully is important for a successful remodel. It is always a good idea to continuously check in on the budget to ensure your project is still on track. For an added safety net, set aside around 10% of your total budget to deal with unexpected issues or potential upgrades that you may want to add in. 

  • Adding to Much into Your Design

With any remodeling project, it is easy to try and stuff too many wants into the design. We suggest against this, as it is not a good idea to incorporate every design idea you into your remodel, this can and will lead to your space feeling crowded and smaller than it is. 

At KBC Solutions we understand that a dream kitchen varies from one individual to the next. Our team will work with you to plan out and design your kitchen renovation, and help make your dream kitchen a reality. Call us today at 647-258-4170 to book your no-obligation consultation. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Marble and Quartz

How to Tell the Difference Between Marble and Quartz

New countertops have the ability to make any kitchen remodel project stand out, no matter if it is a full upgrade or a partial makeover. Your countertops are the natural focal point for any kitchen as well as one of the most used spaces in a kitchen. So, when it comes to choosing the style, design, and material for your new countertops, it can be a difficult task. 

When it comes to countertop materials, the most popular are natural stone products such as marble and engineered stone products such as quartz. Each product has its own benefits, but one benefit quartz has is that it can be made to resemble natural stone products such as marble.

So, how do you tell the difference between marble and quartz? 

1. How They Are Produced

Marble is a 100% natural stone product that has undergone several processes, such as quarrying, slicing, water blasting, buffing, and polishing to produce the shinning slabs used to make countertops. Quartz on the other hand is a manufactured product made from a mixture of natural quartz, resins, polymers, and pigments. Quartz comprises 93-97 percent quartz and 7-3 percent synthetic materials. 

2. Appearance

Marble has natural elegance and beauty. Its natural colour and veining will differ from one slab to another. When marble is pure and free of imperfections or other natural stone, it is a stark white colour. Being a manmade product, quartz can be manufactured into any pattern or colour combination that comes to mind. Quartz often has consistent colour, pattern, and texture. For this reason, at times it may be easy to spot quartz countertops that have been made to mimic marble as the pattern and veining is consistent, where you would be hard-pressed to find this uniformity in natural marble countertops. 

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3. Durability

As a natural stone product, marble is porous and requires additional maintenance to ensure it remains in pristine condition. It can be damaged or stained by acidic substances, especially if it hasn’t been sealed on a regular basis. On the contrary, quartz is non-porous and resistant to stain, it does not require regular sealing, even with everyday use. Quartz countertops are also more durable, and wont damage as easily as a soft stone such as marble.

4. Heat Resistance

When it comes to putting a hot pan on your counters, quartz is more resistant to heat than marble. The resin composition and quartz’s hardness make it stronger and able to better withstand the heat better. On the other hand, marble has been known to crack under high temperatures, so be weary of placing extremely hot pots and pans directly onto your marble countertops.

If you are looking at a countertop and are not sure if it is marble or quartz, take a look for signs of wear on the surface such as scratches. If you find scratches and other wear marks, you are looking at natural marble. If you don’t see any marks, you can always perform a scratch test. Take a knife and gently rub it across a discreet area of the countertop or even its underside. If it doesn’t leave a mark, you know it’s quartz.

At KBC Solutions we are experienced with kitchen remodels of all types and sizes. Our designers will work with you to help plan out and design the kitchen of your dreams and our professional installers will bring it to life. Call us today at 647-258-4170 to book your consultation.

What are the Advantages of Quartz Countertops?

What are the Advantages of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz has quickly become one of the most popular countertop materials used in the new home build and kitchen renovations across North America. Even though quartz is a fairly new countertop material, they have been widely accepted and utilized because of their numerous advantages.

If you are currently planning out your kitchen remodel, here are some key advantages of installing quartz countertops in your new kitchen.

  • Durability

One of the main reasons quartz countertops gained in popularity so quickly is the durability of the material itself. Quartz is extremely difficult to scratch or crack, meaning it will last a long time while still looking great. This doesn’t mean quartz can’t sustain damage, but with the proper precautions, it is easily avoidable.

  • Appearance

Apart from the intended functionality, countertops are able to add beauty and character to your kitchen. Quartz countertops achieve both. They are known for their array of modern, sleek, and beautiful designs. The wide range of designs and colours also sets quartz apart from granite and other natural stone countertop material that is only available in their natural designs.

Quartz manufacturers have been coming up with different approaches and means to creating new and different colour and design patterns. They can integrate metal shavings, recycled glass, and other materials to add pigments to the countertops. If you are looking for a kitchen remodel that matches your style, you are sure to find a quartz countertop that will match your style and the rest of your kitchen and home’s design.

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  • Non-porous

Quartz countertops have various non-porous compositions. As a result of this, they don’t allow any liquids to get under their surface or to seep into the material leading to discoloration or damage. Additionally, since the material is non-porous, you can be certain that bacteria, germs, and other microbes cannot get into your countertops and infect other items on them.

  • Stain-resistant

Because quartz countertops are made with non-porous materials, it is difficult for stains to be absorbed under their surface. This means that you don’t have to worry about irremovable stains that are often associated with marble and granite countertops. Its ability to resist stains makes quartz the perfect option for households with kids that can spill juices, sodas, oils, and other liquids on the countertops.

If you have ever had natural stone countertops in your home previously, you know how difficult it is to clean a red wine or grape juice spot that had been sitting there for some time.

  • Extended warranty

Because of the confidence that most manufacturers have in quartz countertops, the manufacturers often provide extended warranties on their products. Most manufacturers provide warranties of around 20 to 25 years, a few others offer a limited lifetime warranty for an original customer.

  • Low maintenance

Maintenance is an important element that must be considered when choosing any items for your remodel. Luckily, quartz countertops don’t require much maintenance. Unlike natural stone, there is no need to seal quartz as it is a non-porous material. Quartz resists stains and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If you want your countertops to shine like new, you can use specially formulated degreasers as well as other specialty cleaners and polishes that are formulated for quartz. 

In fact, there aren’t many negatives to choosing quartz for your kitchen remodel. The cost of having quartz installed in your new kitchen is roughly in line with some natural stone products, but higher than some other countertop options, such as laminate. Quartz countertops should be considered as an investment in your kitchen and home, as they have a very long life span. 

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