5 benefits of custom closets

5 benefits of custom closets

If you have seen a closet, you have seen a thousand closets, but when is a closet not just a closet? When it is a custom closet designed to meet the individual unique needs of the homeowner. Closets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each custom closet is designed to fit not just the dimensions of the space but the needs of the owner as well.
Custom closets have been around for a long time, but have become significantly more popular in the past 15-20 years. A big reason for their popularity boost is the want and need to manage space effectively and help reduce clutter.
If you are contemplating between having a custom closet built for your home or installing an off-the-shelf closet organization system, the difference is night and day. Below we outline the benefits of having a custom closet made for you and your home.

Clutter-free Space

One of the greatest benefits of a custom closet in your home is that you can store your personal belonging neatly away in their designated space while enjoying a clutter-free living space. With a custom closet, managing your items becomes hassle-free and your living space becomes neater and more organized.

Space Maximization

A custom closet enables you to take advantage of every square inch of closet space, from shelf drawers, hooks, and rods, you can use your closet space more efficiently and maximize the storage capacity. One size fits all closet organization does not work for most homeowners, especially when your home’s architecture is unique.

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Get More Organized

The best way to stay organized in the home with your belongings is to have adequate storage. By installing custom closet organizers in each room, you can easily double your storage space. This will allow for each item to have a designated storage place, making it easy to put away and find when needed.

Fulfill Special Storage Need

Everyone has unique storage needs, and a custom closet is a perfect solution. With a custom closet, you can have storage that can contain your stuff perfectly. If you are looking to display your shoes and purses in your master walk-in closet, or a way to separate your children’s school clothes from their daily wardrobe, a custom closet is a right way to go.

See Everything You Have

With a custom closet, it will be easier to see everything in your closet. This allows you to easily find the items you are looking for and easily identify the items you rarely or never use that can be donated ultimately clearing up space in your closet.
At KBC Solutions we understand that the ideal custom closet will vary from one individual to the next. Our team will work with you to plan out and design your ideal custom closet to help meet all your storage and organization goals. Call us today at 647-258-4170 to book your no-obligation consultation.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Closet?

What are the Benefits of a Custom Closet?

No matter if you live in a one-bedroom condo or a sprawling dream home, storage space always seems to be an issue. Having well-organized storage spaces is key to maximizing space and having all of your items readily available. When it comes to closets, either in the bedroom or other areas of your home, the gold standard has to be a custom-designed and built closet.

Not sure if you need a custom closet, we will change your mind. Below are several reasons why you should invest in a custom closet.

Keep your space organized

A custom closet is designed to meet your needs and will ensure that your space remains organized. Drawers, shelves, and poles for hanging can all be utilized as needed so that it is easy for you to have a place for all of your items. This a designated area for your essentials and for your not so used items, it will be easier to keep your living spaces clutter-free.

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Save time

Custom closets have a designated space for every type of item. When it comes to your wardrobe, you will never need to look for a key item again, as you can easily find your belts, shirts, trousers, purses, and anything else you need to finish of your ensemble. This does not only make the process of dressing yourself daily easier, but it also saves lots of time as you won’t need to waste time looking for misplaced or hidden items in your closet.

Designed to meant your needs

As the name rightly indicates, a custom closet is designed based on your needs. Hence, your peculiarities would have been considered before the final design is approved and built. As a result of this, you will be able to better utilize all of the space in a custom closet versus an off the shelf closet system.

Aesthetically pleasing

Everyone wants their bedroom to look clean, tidy, and organized. This is because an organized room is not only more appealing but also more relaxing. Custom closets are known to increase the aesthetic appeal of any room, but also has an appeal of their own. You will enjoy this benefit daily and if you decide to ever sell your home, you will enjoy the benefit even more as custom closets help boost the appeal of your home.

It boosts the value of your home

If you are considering selling your home at a later time, a custom closet can go a long way in boosting your home’s value. Potential home buyers will consider a home with custom closets to be a major benefit and it shows pride of ownership. In turn, this will help increase the asking price of your home.

It saves money

Have you ever bought a shirt that is almost identical to the one you already own without even realizing that you own a similar item? Well, this usually happens because your closet is not well organized and you probably haven’t seen the original item in some time. With a custom closet, the likelihood of this happening at least accidentally will be significantly reduced, as your wardrobe will always be organized. Ultimately, this will help you save money, as you will avoid duplicate purchases.


Are Custom Closets Worth It?   

The splash on magazine covers and TV commercials can have you wondering if custom-built closets are really worth it. And they are! Not only are they a great addition to your space, but you also get the grand feeling when you walk in to pick out your outfit for the day. You have within your grasp a structure that allows you to reach your items easily and feel absolutely fly while doing it.

A custom-modeled closet is one of the many things you can personalize in your home. With the right design and furniture-making professionals, your closet will be a stylish masterpiece that provides all you need to be a stylish masterpiece for your daily activities. It saves you time, energy, and leaves you looking put-together and fabulous! Considering it? Here are some of the reasons why custom closets are worth it.

1. Well-organized structure 

With custom closets, your space does not have to be disorganized as you are provided with several compartments. You can neatly arrange your clothes, footwear, and accessories. You don’t need to go scrambling around your closet looking for your stuff when everything is constantly sorted.

2. Easy navigation 

Custom closets make it so much easier to navigate around your room. Fitted to your specifications and style, your custom closet won’t just be in the way. You can go about your daily routine without your sneakers, bags, or jewelry lying around and causing havoc. With your stuff nicely arranged, you can have a more constructive day.

3. Sufficient space

With custom closets, you can be assured of enough room to cater to all your clothing and jewelry. Custom closets usually have a plurality of sections broad enough to carry as many items as you specify during the design stage. Plus you also get to save space in your home with everything slotted into a specific part of the room.

4. Increases home value

With the installation of a custom-designed closet, the value of a home is significantly boosted in the real estate market. It gives an alluring feel of elegance, order, and space, which are major pointers in boosting home value.

5. Designed to your preference

Above all else, a custom closet is designed for YOU. That means the drawers lock exactly how you want them to, the hanging rods are the exact type you want, and the mirror isn’t too short or too tall for you. Everything is exactly how you want it to be and most importantly, it is exactly how you like it! A custom closet can come with spaces that are small enough or wide enough to house anything you need to have within reach. The style possibilities with a custom closet are endless.


Why You Need A Custom Closet   

There are a lot of things that you have to do to achieve a productive day, and it often starts with your outfit. And one thing that can be very helpful in contributing to that is a custom closet! Honestly, a custom closet is one of the best investments you can make for your bedroom. Not sold on the idea? Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need a custom closet!

1. Optimized space 

One good thing to notice about any stunning home is the fact that it is never cramped, clustered, or choked. With custom closets, you get to make the most of your available space. There is no need to struggle to find clothes for work while tripping over yesterday’s outfit when you can get a custom closet. With personalized style and everything within reach, leaving your home will have you feeling ready to take on the world.

2. Cost-effective

Custom closets are relatively affordable and cost-effective. When you consider the quality and longevity of custom closets, it is very beneficial. Knowing that you invested in getting the closet also helps you maintain tidiness because you will always want things to be sorted out so that the true beauty of the closet can be displayed.

3. Boosts Productivity

Custom closets are a great way to boost your productivity and efficiency. Waking up to see your things in an organized manner makes it really easy to activate that boost you need to start the day. No need to stress over where everything is when it is all neatly arranged based on the design of your custom closet.

4. Expresses style and beauty 

You can splash out elegance all over your personal space. Custom closets are designed by experts but they are true reflections of the owner’s style and that’s you! Walking into your space will always give you a refreshing feeling knowing that everything is an intentional expression of your style and you can see the beauty right there.

5. Stress reliever

The same daily routine of looking for your clothes or a particular shoe in the morning can intensify stress. Not to mention that being late for work because the shirt you had planned to wear was buried under a heap of laundry is not a good look for you. Your mornings should not begin with stress. A custom closet provides you with an organized structure so you don’t have to rinse and repeat every morning. Relieve yourself of all that stress and invest in a custom closet today!


How do I Organize My Custom Closet?   

Deciding to get a custom-designed closet shows that you have great taste. But a custom closet can only provide its benefits when the content is organized. It is one thing to own a custom closet and another to know how to arrange your stuff properly to fit in. A clutter of shoes, bags lying in mismatched places, and jewelry stuck to the floorboards doesn’t fit the whole purpose of a custom closet. So if you are ready to organize your custom closet, here are a few tips to help you out!

1. Store your jewelry correctly

The great thing about custom closets is you get to organize your closet as preferred. Whether you decide to store accessories in a jewelry box, devote a compartment in your closet, or hook on a hanging dummy, make sure that they are well placed and not jumbled up as this can cause entanglements that might damage your favorite pieces.

2. Categorize your clothing

A great way to arrange your closet properly is to organize your clothes according to your preference. You can sort them by colour, night vs day wear, office outfits, and so many other categories. You are the artist here, design your masterpiece! Group your clothes based on your preference and hang or fold in your custom closet, this way you know where each type of clothing is and can easily pick it up as opposed to turning the room over in search of your favorite top.

3. Sort the extra pieces and accessories

Little or extra pieces like belts, and scarves should be organized correctly because they can sometimes make or break your outfit. Designate a section suitable to these items and arrange according to use, type, colour, or as preferred.

4. Use baskets and closet dividers as needed 

Having a custom closet doesn’t mean all your stuff has to fit into drawers. You still need somewhere to keep your laundry. You can use closet dividers to sort your clothes and the baskets help you build the habit of sorting coloured and white used clothing for laundry.

5. Keep frequently used items within arms reach

For your workout outfits or pairs of shoes you wear regularly, it is advisable to have them at your fingertips when you need them. You can fix all your not-so-frequently used items (like heavy winter coats or hiking outfits) at the upper section of your closet so that everything else you need for the day-to-day can be picked without a stretch.

5 Benefits of Custom Closets

5 Benefits of Custom Closets

No matter the size of your home, having sufficient and easily accessible storage options always seems to be a concern. One of the most popular tips when it comes to increasing your storage space is to organize and compartmentalize all your storage areas. Having custom closets installed in your home is an easy way to organize your wardrobe and other belongings while creating additional storage space. 

Not sure if a custom closet system will be beneficial? We asked our designers to share their top 5 benefits of custom closets, and outlined their responses below: 

1. Versatility

A huge benefit of having custom closets in your home is the ability to utilize your closet space more efficiently. Your standard closet is simply an open space with perhaps a shelf and a rod, leaving plenty of unusable space to go to waste. A custom closet is built to meet your storage needs and to maximize space. You can add shelves, drawers, cabinets, extra rods, and even hooks, your only limitation on design is the size of the closet itself.

2. Personalization

As mentioned above, custom closets offer the possibility of achieving personalized storage spaces. You can benefit from more space instead of being stuck with a closet full of unused space. Designing a custom closet is all about creating the most amount of storage for the specific items in your home. You’ll be amazed by how much a custom closet system can improve your home.

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3. Design

A grand, walk-in master closet is a dream for many. With a custom closet, you can achieve your desired master closet design. You will have the ability to choose the colors and materials of your closet, creating a storage space that is both functional and beautiful. 

4. Quality

Your local hardware store probably has pre-boxed, mass-produced closet systems you can purchase and put together yourself. What you will be missing from this option is the customization and the quality materials and workmanship that come with a custom-built closet. Every custom closet system is built to meet your size and functionality needs and is installed by a team of experienced contractors.

5. Value

Having custom closets installed in your home can boost the value of your home. Our designers say that having functional and tailor-made storage solutions can create the feeling of an upscale environment. If you are planning on selling your home down the road, potential buyers will be wowed by the integration of your closet systems in your home. 

Custom closets are stylish, versatile, and highly functional. The feeling you get when you walk into your fully organized custom designed closet, and you can easily find the perfect ensemble for the evening, is indescribable. So, go ahead and have the custom closet of your dreams built just for you, you deserve it!

5 Things You'll Love About a Custom Closet System

5 Things You'll Love About a Custom Closet System

Your closet is vital to your everyday routine, you unavoidably begin and more than likely end your daily activities in your closet. Having an organized closet will help you save time when selecting your wardrobe, no matter the occasion. When it comes to space, layout, and storage of any closet, a one size fits all approach unfortunately doesn’t meet the differing requirements of most. Having a custom closet that is built with your personal wardrobe needs, aesthetic taste and lifestyle in mind will help get your day started hassle free and keep your mood relaxed at night.

If you have never experienced the benefits of a custom closet, here are five things you will love about a new custom closet system:

1. A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place

A custom closet system is specially designed to organize your wardrobe and display key pieces. Which in turn will save you time and frustration of looking for specific items, as you are better able to access clothing or accessories you are looking to wear. You can have your closet designed to fit any items you please, everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes, belts, jewelry, purses and so on will have their own designated area, maximizing storage space. There is nothing quite as pleasing as standing back and looking at your showcased items in your organized custom closet.

2. Made to Last

Your custom closet can be made out of and encompass a variety of materials. But, no matter what your closet’s structure is comprised of, it was designed to last. Your custom closet, in most cases is built and designed to fit the exact dimensions of your closet. The structure will be engineered to withstand the weight of your wardrobe and any bumps and bangs it takes over time. Professional installers will ensure all the pieces are put together properly, and installed properly.

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3. Made for Your Personality

Unlike boxed closet systems that are available in the market, a custom closet system is designed to express and suit your personality. Everything from the materials used, to the design and flow of your closet is customizable. You can have all of your items hidden behind cabinets and drawers, you can choose to have a few statement pieces highlighted or you can have your entire wardrobe exposed, the choice is up to you.

4. Piece of Mind

A custom built closet will come with the backing of the manufacturer and installers in the form of a warranty. You can rest assured if any of the pieces, parts or moving mechanisms are defective, you will have somewhere to turn to for support.

5. Tidy Bedroom

Another major benefit you will enjoy with your custom closet system is that there is no need to clutter your bedroom with articles of clothing, as you will have a place and space in your closet.
You will love your clutter-free bedroom!

KBC Solutions can help put an end to closet chaos by designing and building a custom walk-in closet system for you. If you are in the market for a new custom closet to fall in love with, give us a call @ 647-258-4170 to schedule a consultation.

5 Benefits to Renovating your Closet

5 Amazing Benefits to Renovating your Closet

One of the most cluttered parts of any house is the closet. The average person may have some parts of their closet in order, but the rest of it is almost always in disarray. So choosing to renovate your closet is a very important decision to keep your space organized.

Here are five amazing benefits you get for renovating your closet.

1. More Space

There is no such thing as too much space, except in your closet. Old ‘never-worn’ birthday presents and other clothing items usually take up the bottom space and leave your shoes, or other closet-worthy items lying around the house. Renovating your closet means clearing it all out, and when things go where they are supposed to, there’ll definitely be more space.

2. Better Oganization

With a newly renovated custom closet, there is that fresh feeling that stops you every time you want to chuck your sweatshirt on the floor. A new closet makes you want to put things in order and be better organized –for the first few weeks at least. Also, your renovation may include new accessories that could involve drawers and mini-shelves to help you keep items separated and avoid a volcano eruption when looking for specific items.

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3. Give out to Charity

In the process of renovating your closet, you may come across old and never-before-used clothing items that you have no interest in wearing or using, or that you simply feel like giving away. You can box these items and send them to charity. If you are in doubt, remember that giving something away is better than letting it lose its value in your closet. With this, you accomplish two things: freeing up space and getting a great sense of fulfillment.

4. Avoid Pest Infestation

When clothes are piled upon each other for weeks or months, there is a high possibility of pest infestation without your knowledge. A termite-infestation in the wall beneath the pile of clothes could spread further and cause serious damage. With a renovated closet, you get to avoid what could have been an expensive repair for pest-infested walls.

5. Reduce Damage to Clothes

Piling clothes may cause moisture or material damage to some of your more delicate clothes. Renovation means that everything goes where it is supposed to and you can take better caution. Also, some clothing like leather-based clothing that needs special attention, may be damaged in a clustered closet with a loose nail. Renovating your closet gives you the opportunity to reduce damage.

Closet renovation allows you to have a better-organized space that also protects the valuable items that are in your closet.