Bathrooms are among the top most used parts of any home, and that’s why they are one of the most commonly renovated areas as well. As exciting as it is, you need to be ready for all the stress and costs that comes with a bathroom renovation. It will also require many decisions to be made and at times be confusing as you deliberate between materials, styles and colours. Well, we are here to help! Ready to transform your bathroom into a newer space with a better ambiance.

Here are five tips for where to start when renovating a bathroom!

1. Start with a Plan

Planning out your bathroom renovation is an important first step. This is where you decide if any elements of your existing bathroom will be reused as well as design the layout and colour scheme you are looking forward to when the renovations are complete. This is also a good time to source materials and professionals to help with the parts of the job you are not comfortable with, i.e. if new electrical is needed.

2. Out with the old, fixtures that is

If you are planning a complete bathroom renovation, say goodbye to your old fixtures. This includes, toilet, sink, faucets and lighting. New fixtures will help bring your new space together, and will help accentuate the new style.

3. In with the new, vanity

Your bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom. After all, it will be one of the most commonly used spaces in the bathroom. From washing hands to getting ready in the morning, the vanity is your spot. A new vanity will also pull your entire room together, so make sure the style and colour match the tiles and lighting you have chosen for your space.

4. Time to Tile

Tiles are an important part of any bathroom as they are found in a variety of places. On the floor, in the shower, behind the vanity, and even full walls if you want. If you are not comfortable installing tile, this may be an area that you get professional help, as out of line tiles become an eye sore quickly. If you are DIY-ing the process, be sure to mark out the lines of the tiles so you don’t end up with irregularly placed tiles. Use your tiling material to set the tiles and remember to grout the tiles to secure them in place.

5. Final Installations

Bring in the vanity, sink, faucet, mirror, cabinets, and other essentials, in that order. Once everything is in place and working well, you can bring in the toilet and install it. Test everything at least once to be sure that your plumbing is working well and everything is sitting right.

With these tips, you can have your bathroom looking brand new in no time at all! Bathroom renovations leave you feeling great and your house looking even better!