Some of your most private moments are spent in a bathroom, it is also an area of your home that will be used by family members and guests alike. There are so much emphasis and care put into bathroom remodels as their aesthetics and functionality are crucial to the comfort, convenience, and satisfaction of everyone that uses it. In the real estate industry, there is a saying “bathrooms and kitchens sell homes”, this alone speaks to the importance of any bathroom. This is also why many homeowners favour a bathroom remodel when thinking about a potential home improvement project. 

If you are planning a bathroom remodel at your home, consider the following 5 essential bathroom remodelling tips before you begin your project: 

1. Set a Budget

There are so many options when planning out a bathroom remodel, it is easy for your expenses to balloon, especially when remodeling a large master bathroom. This is why it is important to have a budget set for your remodel before you begin. Once you decide on how much you can realistically spend the remodel, take 10%-15% off the top to set aside as emergency funds to use towards unexpected expenses. The remainder should be your working budget.

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2. Determine the Scope of the Project

It is crucial to decide the magnitude of the bathroom remodel you want. Bathroom remodelling can be undertaken to alter the bathroom layout, shape, accessories, aesthetics, and functionalities. Planning the remodel based on what type of project you will be completing is crucial for the planning. It is much easier to decide if you are going to complete a full remodel or if you are going to keep some aspects of the original bathroom before you begin.

3. Develop a New Layout

Is there a better layout, that may improve functionality or space? Updating the layout will not only completely change the look and feel of the room, but it can help you improve accessibility, create more space, and make the bathroom more functional. Assess the limitations of the existing layout. Consider the improvement you are thinking of and how creating a new layout will help you achieve your goals. 

4. Prioritize Ventilation

While going about bathroom remodel, do not overlook ventilation. Following the current building code is a must for any remodel. If you are remodeling a bathroom that is decades old, it may not have proper ventilation.  Ensure that your bathroom has a window that meets sizing requirements and/or a bathroom exhaust fan. 

5. Improve Lighting

This is your chance to not only increase the amount of light in your bathroom but also to increase the appeal with some aesthetically pleasing fixtures. You can combine natural lighting with artificial lighting to make the bathroom brighter and airier. 

When upgrading your bathroom, the options are limitless. Having a proper plan in place will help you ensure you have a finished product that meets all of your dream bathroom expectations.   

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