Who doesn’t get excited about planning a bathroom remodel? After all, your bathroom is where many of your most private moments take place. And for some, it is the only truly alone time they have. So, having a bathroom that combines style and function is ever so important. We understand that bathroom renovation projects can turn out to be a challenge at times. This is why we asked our designers to share some of their tips and tricks to help keep your bathroom remodel planning, fun and exciting.

We look to inspire you to invest your budget wisely while still designing a stylish, relaxing space!

1. Avoid Positioning the Toilet in Front of the Door

Something that all of our designers had in their notes was to avoid placing the toilet directly in front of the door. You may think this tip is based around privacy, and even though this is true, the reason for this is many people keep their bathroom door open when the room is not in use. As a result, your visitors will more than likely be staring at your toilet at some point, as they walk around your home. No matter how nice your toilet is, you do not want it to be a focal point. Instead you can redirect their attention with a vanity with an ornate mirror positioned in front of the door. This will provide a welcoming vibe to your bathroom, when the door is left open.

2. Ensure the Space is Well Lit

Lighting can do wonders, especially if you have a small bathroom. Another popular tip from our designers is to include multiple lighting sources in your bathroom redesign. This will ensure the space is well lit. By utilizing a warmer light tone, you create a spa-like ambiance, with an extra touch of style.

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3. Pay Close Attention to Your Sink’s Height

A common mistake in bathroom remodel, is positioning the sink at an incorrect height. Most countertops are set around 32 to 34 inches from the floor. But, with the popularity of above counter mounted sink bowls, the additional height of the sink needs to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, you may find that your sink is at an uncomfortable height, and younger family members may not be able to reach the faucet.

4. Choose an Oversized Shower Over a Small Tub

If you have limited space in your bathroom, a large soaker tub is definitely not an option. But, before you consider having a smaller tub installed with a shower head above, think about if you will really enjoy the smaller tub or even use it. Instead, choose to have an oversized shower with multiple shower heads installed. This design will offer up additional space, without removing the benefit from the spa-like amenity. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing under a waterfall shower head in their new bathroom?

5. Add Some Extravagant Touches

A great renovation project is always pulled together by the smaller details. We are not saying to blow your budget on high-end finishes, but rather find those unique pieces that will give the room character. Consider upgrading the hardware on your vanity or installing luxurious walls sconces or even incorporating ornate window coverings. There are so many possibilities to add a touch of character and class to your redesigned bathroom.

Planning a bathroom remodel may have you a little tense, but the thought of the finished product should excite you. There are many design tips available to help you with your planning, but if you are finding it difficult to come up with a design that meets your needs and wants, our team at KBC Solutions will work with you to help build a plan and design that brings your dream bathroom to life. Call us today at 647-258-4170 to book your consultation.