One of the most cluttered parts of any house is the closet. The average person may have some parts of their closet in order, but the rest of it is almost always in disarray. So choosing to renovate your closet is a very important decision to keep your space organized.

Here are five amazing benefits you get for renovating your closet.

1. More Space

There is no such thing as too much space, except in your closet. Old ‘never-worn’ birthday presents and other clothing items usually take up the bottom space and leave your shoes, or other closet-worthy items lying around the house. Renovating your closet means clearing it all out, and when things go where they are supposed to, there’ll definitely be more space.

2. Better Oganization

With a newly renovated custom closet, there is that fresh feeling that stops you every time you want to chuck your sweatshirt on the floor. A new closet makes you want to put things in order and be better organized –for the first few weeks at least. Also, your renovation may include new accessories that could involve drawers and mini-shelves to help you keep items separated and avoid a volcano eruption when looking for specific items.

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3. Give out to Charity

In the process of renovating your closet, you may come across old and never-before-used clothing items that you have no interest in wearing or using, or that you simply feel like giving away. You can box these items and send them to charity. If you are in doubt, remember that giving something away is better than letting it lose its value in your closet. With this, you accomplish two things: freeing up space and getting a great sense of fulfillment.

4. Avoid Pest Infestation

When clothes are piled upon each other for weeks or months, there is a high possibility of pest infestation without your knowledge. A termite-infestation in the wall beneath the pile of clothes could spread further and cause serious damage. With a renovated closet, you get to avoid what could have been an expensive repair for pest-infested walls.

5. Reduce Damage to Clothes

Piling clothes may cause moisture or material damage to some of your more delicate clothes. Renovation means that everything goes where it is supposed to and you can take better caution. Also, some clothing like leather-based clothing that needs special attention, may be damaged in a clustered closet with a loose nail. Renovating your closet gives you the opportunity to reduce damage.

Closet renovation allows you to have a better-organized space that also protects the valuable items that are in your closet.